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Global Powertrain Congress (GPC) has been expanded into Fuel Saving Technologies Conference (FST)

At the request of the industry professionals and executives that attend the GPC Conference we have made the decision to expand GPC into a new conference that covers the total powertrain system product portfolio called “Fuel Saving Technologies” (FST).
We hope that this new conference serves to cater to the needs of the ever evolving integrated field of emissions and powertrain engineering.

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Diffusing knowledge related to powertrain engineering and management on a global basis.
GPC was launched in 1998 in Detroit, and as we finalize plans for the 22nd GPC conferences and expositions, has established itself as a truly International event focused exclusively on the needs of the global powertrain community. The technical papers presented, the exhibits displayed, and all associated events, are all designed to provide high quality, authoritative and up-to-date information to further the interest and knowledge of all associated with powertrain. The conference and exposition are organized by leaders from every part of the industry including both OEM and suppliers, as well as research institutions. Our audience correspondingly includes engineers, managers, and executives from across the globe, all united by the common challenges we face.


  • Conduct formal and informal meetings, seminars, conferences, expositions for dissemination of scientific, engineering and business knowledge.
  • Provide one-stop learning forum for engineers, managers and executives.
  • Address engineering and management topics focused on issues directly related to OEMs and their suppliers.
  • Provide platform to exchange information among OEMs and their suppliers.
  • Publish materials presented by participants at the conference to ensure permanent records of all distribution
  • Publish technical magazines to propagate information at a regular basis.
  • Form a worldwide network of engineers, managers and executives.
  • Support educational research and other organizations to advance knowledge and research in the areas of powertrain, technology, safety and emissions.