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ACC 2020 Virtual Sessions September 23 – 24, 2020 THIS IS A LIVE EVENT WITH LIVE Q & A Virtual Sessions Information: (734) 997-9249

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$1,795.00 includes an all access digital pass to the following virtual platforms which includes library access to International Automotive Body Congress (IABC), Advanced Laser Applications Conference  (ALAC), Automotive Closures Conference (ACC), Battery Congress, and Emissions 2020 

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Conference Objectives:

To provide a forum for, engineers, managers, scientists , academic researchers, and industry executives to exchange advances in closures technology and management systems. This forum will address key topics and issues related to OEMs, Suppliers (all Tiers), Component Manufacturers, Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies. It also will provide a network to support educational research and publish technical findings in conference proceedings and technical magazines. This forum would provide a conference, exposition, and publication dedicated to the research integration of new closures technologies.

Conference Management and Organization:

Global Automotive Management Council (GAMC), a non-profit organization

Governing Body:

Automotive Closures Conference Leadership; Executive Council, Board of Directors and will be governed by senior management representatives from major OEMs and Suppliers and representatives from Academia and other not-for-profit research organizations

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ACC 2020 Virtual Sessions

Dates and Deadlines

Abstracts & Bios: Due at least two weeks before submitting papers or presentations

Papers: Due by July 23, 2020

Presentations: Due by August 4, 2020

Practice Sessions Begin: Due by September 2, 2020

Phone: (734) 997-9249 | E-mail:

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