About Us

The Council is a team of senior executives from the global automotive community whose goal is to facilitate the globalization of the automotive and related industries through meetings, seminars and other educational forums restricted to the key players who are shaping the future.

Some of the ways this goal is achieved include:

  • Exchange of technical, cultural and business insights in a noncompetitive environment.
  • Formulation of common concerns and objectives.
  • Regular executive briefings on the Council’s activities and interests..
  • Presentation of an annual award of excellence to the individual who has best in exemplified the Council’s objectives.

The organization is unique in several ways, not least by being restricted to that small group of senior OEM executives who are entrusted with the policy decisions that are shaping tomorrow’s automotive world on an international scale. It sponsors Technical Educational Programs and Senior Management Briefings on Global Automotive Technology.

The organization serves the Public through the function of educational forum and activities that related to policies and issues on:

  • Emissions
  • Global Standards
  • Safety
  • Environment
  • Employment & Labor
  • Trade
  • Economy