Fundamentals of Automotive Body Structures

Troy, Michigan October 22 – 24, 2019

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Automotive Body Structures Fundamentals

Emphasis is on body concept for design using first order modeling of thin walled structural elements. Review of a practical application of solid/structural mechanics is considered to design automotive bodies for global bending, torsion, vibration, crashworthiness, topology, material selection, manufacturing constraints, and processes enabling part consolidation and design of BIW subsystems.

Who should attend:

Product, Design, Materials, Manufacturing Engineers, and Managers. This course would be particularly beneficial to all entry level automotive engineers and has been designed to provide an overview of fundamentals of automotive body structures and would also serve as a refresher course for experienced engineers and managers.


Undergraduate/Graduate degrees in mathematics, physics, and engineering and/or equivalent experience in the automotive engineering fields.

Attendees Receive:

All attendees will receive lecture materials and homework worksheets. Breakfasts, coffee breaks and lunches will be provided.


Global Automotive Management Council would offer certificate to the attendees who successfully complete all course requirements. All successful candidates will be recognized at a special dinner ceremony.


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Welcome & Introduction

Warren Parsons

Chief Architect

General Motors


Lecture 1: Automotive Body Structures


Nasim Uddin


Global Automotive Management Council


Learning Objectives:

Introduction, Definitions, Nomenclature of Automotive Body

Structures Requirements

Body Structural Elements

Body Structure Topology

Body Bending Requirements and Design

Safety Tests and Requirements


Lecture 2: Introduction to Vehicle Crashworthiness


Sudip Bhattacharjee, PhD




Learning Objectives:


Lecture 3: Novelis' Next Generation High Strength Automotive 6xxx Alloy: Advanz™ - 6HS-s650



Akshay Kulkarni

Senior Application Engineer



Dabdutta Roy



Kyle Dasch



Rajeev Kamat



Alok Gupta



Learning Objectives:


Lecture 4: Next Generation 7xxx Aluminum Alloy for Automotive Applications



Rashmi Mohanty



Raj Talla



Tudor Piroteala



Yudie Yuan



Rajeev Kamat



Learning Objectives:

Warren Parsons
  • Warren Pasons
  • Chief Architect
  • General Motors
Nasim Uddin

  1. Nasim Uddin
  2. President
  3. GAMC
  4. Bio
Sudip Bhattacharjee

  1. Sudip Bhattacharjee, PhD
  2. Supervisor
  3. Ford
  4. Bio
Akshay Kulkarni

  1. Akshay Kulkarni
  2. Senior Application Engineer
  3. Novelis
  4. Bio
Harry Singh

  1. Harry Singh
  2. Senior Product Application Engineer
  3. US Steel
  4. Bio

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